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The Paddy Pallin Foundation has been set up by the Pallin family so that Paddy Pallin Pty Ltd and its customers and friends from the wider community can contribute to better conservation of the natural environment for future generations, and the animals and plants that inhabit it.

We are hoping to purchase or contribute to the purchase of land of high conservation value that is not yet within the state or private reserve system. From time to time the Paddy Pallin Foundation will be promoting donations to specific causes as nominated by the Management Committee of the Foundation. A full list of objectives is elsewhere on this website.  To view click here.

The initial aim is for Paddy Pallin companies to contribute to a corpus so that the foundation eventually becomes self funding. Any contributions from the public, however, will be passed through to the recipient organisation without any administration fees.

It is not intended that the Paddy Pallin Foundation will accept random requests for grants. The Management Committee will decide on specific areas of interest to the Foundation and call for Expressions of Interest from persons or nominated organisations.

The Paddy Pallin Natural Environment Fund is managed by the Paddy Pallin Foundation as trustee.

Gifts of over $2.00 to The Paddy Pallin Natural Environment Fund are tax deductible.

PO Box 185

Milsons Point NSW 1565


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We helped save the River Red Gum forests of the Murray and its tributaries 

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