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Don't Bag the Environment

Paddy Pallin established the ‘Don't bag the Environment' program in 1992 as a means by which the company could make a positive contribution towards reducing unnecessary packaging in our stores.

To encourage their customers to support the company's efforts, every time they decline to take a bag with their purchase, Paddy Pallin will donate 20 cents towards a project which helps to preserve Australia's natural heritage.

‘Don't Bag the Environment' aims to:

    • Reduce packaging waste, so that less rubbish finds its way into our bushland and waterways.
    • Conserve energy resources which would otherwise be used in the manufacture of the bags
    • Reduce the use of landfill tips, thereby retaining land for native wildlife habitats.
    • Support environmental projects by raising funds to assist them.

      All proceeds go directly to the nominated beneficiary, which is changed every six months.

      You can contribute to the current beneficiary through a tax deductible donation to the Paddy Pallin Foundation.

      > Read more about the current Don't Bag The Environment Project

      Paddy Pallin Reserve, Lindfield

      Paddy Pallin Reserve

      Paddy Pallin Reserve was named after Paddy Pallin by the then Mayor Ron Yeates, a keen bushwalker. Paddy Pallin Reserve was previously partly a drainage easement and partly land owned by Lindfield Laundry and was opened by Mayor Ron Yeates on 27th July 1985. The upper part of the Reserve is a formal park with barbecue facilities and a children's play area and open grass. The majority of the Reserve was weed infested bushland.

      This small reserve in the catchment of Little Blue Gum Creek, had a volunteer bush regeneration group start in the 1990s.  This group is still going and is doing an excellent job on a part of the reserve near Polding Road.

      In April 2000 it was decided that to regenerate the whole reserve would need a professional team.  The Paddy Pallin Foundation employed the Lane Cove Bush Regenerators Cooperative Ltd to carry out this work.  This work is continuing.

      For more information on this project click here.

      Paddy Pallin Foundation Science Grants

      The Paddy Pallin Foundation believes it is important for good conservation management to be based on science. The Paddy Pallin Foundation therefore has started a small program to help with materials and other small costs for post graduate students carrying out research into better conservation outcomes.

      These grants are being administered by the Royal Zoological Society of NSW and are being offered once per year. The funding for each grant is available for three years

      > Go to the Paddy Pallin Foundation Science Grants page


      Private Land Conservation Grants Program

      Volunteer workers at Ben Ricketts Jamberoo - a Voluntary conservation area

       Landholders who have entered into Voluntary Conservation Agreements with the Minister for the Environment, or similar covenants, are an important part of the conservation network across Australia. These Private Conservation Areas complement the public reserve system and lands purchased and managed by organisations like Bush Heritage Australia and Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

      There is currently limited funding available to help these landholders manage their lands for conservation outcomes.

      The Paddy Pallin Foundation has now joined with the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, The Humane Society International, Diversicon Environmental Foundation,the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change and the Nature Conservation Trust of NSW to provide funding for conservation works on Conservation Covenanted Lands in NSW.

      Annual reports on the Private Land Conservation Grants are available below

      Save the River Red Gum Forests

       The Paddy Pallin Foundation has contributed funds to the National Parks Association campaign to save the River Red Gum Forests of the Murray River and its tributaries.

       We are proud to be supporting this campaign and we encourage you to get involved.

       >For further information click here


      Environmental Weeds Reform

      Weeds are one of the most serious threats to New South Wales's biodiversity and getting worse as new invaders arrive and existing ones spread.  The Paddy Pallin Foundation is supporting the Invasive Species Council to campaign for better prevention-focused laws and policies.


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      The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife and the Humane Society International are both offering science grants for marine ecosystems in conjunction with the Paddy Pallin Foundation.  Go to the Science Grants page.